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Metal working

Mera Poltik is experienced in metal working.
Within this service, we offer:

  • Stamping, excising, cramping
  • Rolling
  • Drilling, reaming, threading
  • Milling, making of gear wheels

Processing of plastics

Mera Poltik is well experienced in processing of different kinds of plastics. We perform those services on our own or on client's injection forms.

Screen and pad printing

We offer screen printing services - mainly on flat surfaces (we make screens by ourselves), tampon printing services as well as putting marks by a method of pagination.

Screen and pad printing (thumbnail)
Screen and pad printing (thumbnail)

Precision assembly

Within our services we offer precision assembly of simple products, products made of several components as well as products of small measurements – this process is performed in stands. We also assembly complex products: production of subassemblies + assembling readymade products on assembly lines.

Precision assembly (thumbnail)
Precision assembly (thumbnail)
Precision assembly (thumbnail)
Products: time measurement


Mechanical timer - type 600 Mechanical timer - type 601 Timer's mechanism - type 487 Quartz alarm clock Timers Classic chess clock Hetman chess clock


PB Speed indicator Magnetic tachometer Moto hour meter Tractor tachometer Tachographs


Hair springs Winding wheel's assmebly Winding shaft's assembly


Digital chess clock EZS-01
New arrival!!! Digital chess clock Type EZS-01
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