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Quartz alarm clock

Quartz alarm clock


The idea of a clock signaling (usually by sound) a specific time derives from the ancient times. According to the legend, the maker of a first alarm clock – a water clock with a kind of a whistle (at certain time the air pushed by water was coming out from the inner container) is said to be Plato (about 400 BC). In medieval China they used fire clocks with a signal – burning out of thread resulted in a fall of weights on to the metal tray. Since the 80s, Mera Poltik as a company specializing in manufacturing products from the range of time was extending their knowledge about quartz alarm clocks.

Product information

For assembling our alarm clocks we use Swiss movements of very high quality and of very precise functioning. Thanks to this, our alarm clocks not only show the precise time but also are characterized by long durability. The alarm clocks run on 1,5V battery type AAR6.

Available colours

  • brown
  • black
  • green
  • yellow
  • blue

For special orders (minimum 50 pcs.), for an additional cost we offer possibility of putting individual prints on the face of the clock or making case of a clock in a different colour.

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