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Moto hour meter

Moto hour meter


Moto hour meters are used for counting the actual working time of the engines or of other appliances.

Product information

In our offer there are 6 types of the meters, which symbols and technical data can be found in the chart below.

Technical data

Symbol 530/10 534/10* 536/10 531/10 535/10* 532/10
Range of measurement
(without possibility of deleting records)
0 ÷ 99.999,9
Minimum graduation of a counter
Admissible error ± 1%
Voltage rating
24 +6/∼7
direct current
24 +6/∼7 12 +3/∼2 12 +3/∼24
Supply voltage to turn on the clock
8 ∼ 30 --- 8 ∼ 30 8 ∼ 30 --- ---
Type of joint metal joint connection block metal joint metal joint connection block connection block
* - with a power supply disconnected – meters type 534/10 and 535/10 stop after about 5 minutes, other counters stop immediately
Products: time measurement


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