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Digital chess clock EZS-01


Digital chess clock EZS-01 is the perfect answer for all fans of modern and precise solutions! The EZS-01 is a result of our long experience and cooperation with chess players. It continues our production line in a natural way, offering digital version of famous and widely recognized Mera-Poltik chess clocks Hetman and Classic.

Product information

Applying moder technologies into the chess clock allows us to introduce many brand new and very useful functions:

  • comfortable LCD screen;
  • variety of default programmes and time schedules, not only for chess game but also for GO, Shogi, chequers and other games;
  • user customization - EZS-01 allows setting your own programmes, consisting of 1 to 9 game periods. For each programm it is also possible to customize the calculation method offered by the clock (for example: 1h schedule with classic calculation method followed by 8 one-minute BYO YOMI schedules (see manual);
  • memory for 5 different customized programmes;
  • reset protection - protects from accidental reset or settings change during the game;
  • a clear programme list, offering precise information on the LCD screen about chosen programme.

For special orders (minimum 50 pcs.), for an additional cost we offer possibility of putting individual prints on the body of the clock.

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Digital chess clock EZS-01
New arrival!!! Digital chess clock Type EZS-01
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